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Sweden is a great place to live and study!

  • The fact that almost all Swedes speak fluent English, makes it easier for international students to adapt. Many Swedish companies use English as their official working language.
  • Sweden is ranked as the second best country in the world when it comes to providing higher education*
  • Studying in Sweden means you are encouraged to think critically and creatively, individually and in groups. You work closely with teachers and students from many different backgrounds.
  • Approximately 20% of new students in Sweden come from abroad. Sweden's educational policy is based on the recognition that a multicultural student body is a resource. There are services designed to make guest students feel at home.
  • Sweden is one of the most modern countries in the world and living standards are high.

*According to the U21 ranking 2014

Welcome to Sweden - the country of innovation

Today’s ideas shape tomorrow’s world. Sweden has always been fertile ground for innovation in technology, business and social trends – from the pacemaker to the computer mouse, from Ikea to Skype. In our increasingly competitive world, Sweden continues to top world rankings for innovation.

One reason is the dynamic learning environment in the universities with its systematic approach to generating new ideas. Swedish universities are renowned for their investigative research and independent thinking. Much focus is put on developing the students’ ability to engage in critical thinking and developing an analytical mindset.

Welcome to the future. Welcome to Sweden.

Facts about Sweden

Capital: Stockholm
Language: Swedish (English spoken by most people)
Population: 9.5 million
Currency: Swedish krona (SEK)
Area: 450,000 km2
Political system: Parliamentary democracy

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